XBRL and business reporting can be daunting at first.  We therefore want to start you down the right path with a strong knowledge basis tailored for your organization

Product Training

We provide tailored product training based on your organization and users.  Our success does not stop at the sale of the product, but includes your successful usage and understanding of the abilities of the product.

XBRL and SBR Training

XBRL and SBR can be difficult concepts to grasp effectively.  Our unique experience allows us to put together an efficient training program to ensure these sometimes complex space is accessible by the right people as quickly as possible.  Some examples:

  • Regulators are often looking to understand the standard business reporting supply chain and how XBRL plays a part in this process (developing, implementing and extending taxonomies)
  • Accounting professionals and auditors need to understand the taxonomy, extensions and effectively navigate the terminology (XBRL, iXBRL, XBRL Instance, Reports, Validations, Rendering, ESEF, xHTML, etc)