Semansys and its partners offer a full range of consulting services designed to assist businesses from strategy advice to technical system integration.

Strategic Advice

With our extensive domain experience, we can support your companies ambitions with the hard lessons and best practices learned over the years.  Examples of engagements:
  • Executive level support (CXO, VP, Management) ensuring programs and projects are scoped correctly to provide a good return on investment
  • Support the understanding of complex industry scenarios (cross border regulations, non-financial reporting, new and upcoming regulations)

Project Management

Our experience functionally and technically can be the difference between a successful project and unsuccessful project.  Examples of engagements:
  • Business process consultancy to evaluate and optimize reporting.
  • Functional, domain and data mapping and architecture support to ensure the correct business concepts are used efficiently.
  • Technical integration support from certificates, signing to API usage.

Partner Referral

If we can’t support you and your needs directly, we’re more then happy to refer you to an appropriate partner who can enable your success based on your requirements and request.  Whether it’s accounting and regulation based questions, system integrator for projects or a local contact that has more direct experience, our network is your network.